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How the most promising angel investors get even better


Discover the secrets behind how we’ve learned to source, evaluate, and serve our companies, using real data and stories from First Round’s 20 years in the business.


Learn tactical frameworks that dive into the nuts and bolts of angel investing — from positioning yourself to structuring working sessions with founders.


No long lectures — participate in interactive sessions, small group discussions, and case studies based on real investments. Hear firsthand from founders and investors.

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Assessing teams

Sizing markets

Evaluting products

Helping founders

Portfolio construction

Tax $ estate planing

Learn directly from First Round partners and special guests

Bill Trenchard

Bill joined First Round over 11 years ago and previously co-founded Jump Networks (acquired by Microsoft) and Live Ops (scaled to $100 million in sales). He primarily focuses on climate tech, logistics and fintech and has invested in companies like Flexport, Looker, Verkada, Remora and Pine Park Health.

Bill Trenchard

Brett Berson

In addition to investing and supporting companies like Clay, Stedi, Anomalo, and Persona, Brett pioneered and now leads the First Round Operating Team, which helps founders find product-market fit faster through everything from go-to-market support to hiring.

Brett Berson

Hayley Barna

Before joining First Round, Hayley was the co-founder of Birchbox. Some of her notable investments include Mirror (acquired by Lululemon), Thirty Madison, Squad (acquired by Twitter), Alma and Caper (acquired by Instacart). She’s interested in companies in the healthcare, climate tech and consumer space.

Hayley Barna

Todd Jackson

Prior to First Round, Todd served as VP of Product & Design at Dropbox, Product Manager for Newsfeed at Facebook and was an early product lead for Gmail. He founded an Android startup which was acquired by Twitter in 2014. He’s interested in AI, ML and developer tools, and some of his investments include Rupa Health, Turnstile, Spline, Kubecost and Actively.

Todd Jackson

Meka Asonye

Meka came to First Round after running the +100-person revenue team at Mixpanel and scaling sales at Stripe. He’s invested in Highlight, Prepared, K2, Pocus and LogicLoop and focuses primarily on SaaS and fintech.

Meka Asonye

Josh Kopelman

Josh co-founded First Round Capital in 2004 to reinvent seed-stage investing. Josh has consistently made the Forbes “Midas List,” investing in companies like Flatiron Health, Upstart, AppNexus, Notion, and Clover Health. Before starting First Round, he was a three-time founder of Infonautics Corporation (which he took public in 1996), (acquired by eBay in 2000), and Turntide (acquired by Symantec in 2004).

Josh Kopelman

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