Angel Track

Curriculum, opportunity and community for exceptional emerging angels.

Who We Are

First Round Angel Track is a community of established operators and founders looking to develop their skills and identities as early-stage investors.

Now 120 members strong, the community spans across the United States, bringing angels from some of tech’s leading companies into conversation with the founder community.

Joining Angel Track

This is for those who want to be more than just a check.

Counting some of the highest caliber operators and founders in tech, Angel Track is a group of diverse investors committed to, and motivated by, being a resource for feedback, advice, and capital to founders.

"One word comes to mind: intentional. I felt like they truly took the time to understand who we were as individuals and what it means to be an angel investor. In a world full of one-size-fits-all products and programming, it was truly refreshing to participate in a more intimate, personalized experience."

"I loved it and am so happy that I participated. This program gave me a ton of important insight and networking opportunities to move forward my career as an angel investor."

"It's easy to start angel investing without thinking about why you are doing it. The Angel Track Program gave me time, space, and exposure to other investors, prompting introspection on my own theses and lenses - hopefully making me a better, more principled investor."

Angel Track has featured world-class investors and entrepreneurs sharing actionable insights into their investing journey.

A Growing Community of Companies

These are just a few of the dozens of startups we've backed across a wide range of industries.