Christina Cordova

Christina Cordova


COO at Linear

Rahul Vohra

Rahul Vohra


Founder & CEO at Superhuman

Jiaona Zhang

Jiaona Zhang


SVP, Product at Webflow

Nick Caldwell

Nick Caldwell


Chief Product Officer at Peloton

Angel invest like the best.

Get unparalleled access to First Round’s investing expertise and a community of exceptional angels for the best early-stage deal flow in tech.

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Top startup builders often dabble in angel investing. It’s difficult to know if you’re doing it right, and waiting years or even decades for returns makes for slow progress.

In good

Join Lenny Rachitsky, Ayo Omojola, Cristina Cordova, Charley Ma and 400+ others who all sharpened their skills with Angel Track.

“I started casually angel investing directly and through syndicates. Angel Track helped turn this newfound “hobby” into my new career. I now run a fund and wouldn’t have been able to make the transition from marketer to angel to fund manager without Angel Track. The connections I made have helped with deal flow, fundraising, diligence — and perhaps most importantly made me feel confident in the value my unique marketing lens brings to investing.”

Emily Kramer

Co-Founder at MKT1

"The investing lessons you learn through Angel Track are so valuable, but the community and network you build is worth 100x more. Angel Track not only helped me refine my thinking on investing and increase my deal flow, but it also brought me into the most incredible community of A+ quality humans. I've made great friends, created more opportunities, and generally, it's just a very special program, with very special people. I couldn't recommend it more highly. Total game changer."

Lenny Rachitsky

Author at Lenny’s Newsletter

“Angel Track has been by far the most meaningful level up experience for me when it comes to all of the in and outs of investing at the earliest stages. The exposure to world class founders, operators, GPs, angels, and much more has been eye opening — it took me from having several investments under my belt to raising and co-running my own fund.”

Charley Ma

Head of Growth at Alloy

“I’ve seen impressive — and measurable — results in my dealflow and investment strategy since joining Angel Track. As a small example, I used suggestions from the First Round team to create and optimize a new landing page. I’ve gotten at least 3x more inbound and now half of the founders I meet are coming to me more prepared for the conversation.”

Sean Rose

Product at Meter

"After making only a handful of angel investments, it felt strange to call myself an angel investor. Angel Track helped me think about angel investing in a much more structured manner and helped me truly distill what I was looking for in early-stage teams. After Angel Track, I felt no apprehension and put myself out there to build my personal brand (and my pipeline!). The network also enabled me to build relationships with other investors, leading to several investments and a wonderful community."

Cristina Cordova

COO at Linear

"By the time I joined Angel Track, I had already made dozens of investments and had my share of successes and humbling write-offs. As a result of the program, I completely changed the framework I use to evaluate markets. But it’s not just these learnings that make it great, it’s the best community of other operator angels looking to refine their craft and support one another.”

Max Mullen

Co-Founder at Instacart

The Curriculum


Twice a year, the First Round Partners help promising angels sharpen their skills over eight evening sessions packed with tactical frameworks.

The Community


Build relationships within an intimate cohort and join the larger alumni community of exceptional angels for the best early-stage deal flow in tech.

The Angels

From startup leaders to full-time investors, Angel Track alumni go on to even greater heights.

Meet the Angels

Be more than just a check.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should apply?

Anyone looking to improve as an angel investor can apply. You might have started a company or been a senior operator at a fast growing startup. You should be excited about backing the next wave of entrepreneurs and have already started making angel investments.

Do I need to be an accredited investor?

No. While investing in startups requires that you be accredited, you don't need to be an accredited investor to take part in this program.

Do I need to have made angel investments before?

We're seeking the most promising founders and operators at both early and late-stage tech companies looking to back the next wave of entrepreneurs. Most people who join the cohort have made between 5-15 investments — but we primarily look for people who are at an inflection point in their investing journey and are eager to support founders with more than just a check. At this point, Angel Track is not designed for folks who are looking to make their first or second angel investment.

Can I apply regardless of my location?

While the core program usually happens over Zoom, we bring Angel Track cohort members together in-person in San Francisco and New York to build relationships over dinners and other small group interactions. We find that building relationships is more effective in person so we give preference to applicants in San Francisco and New York while still welcoming a handful of members throughout the US.

What if I can't make all the sessions?

Angel Track alumni say that the best parts of the program are the knowledge they gain and the relationships they build by joining the community. We strongly encourage everyone to attend all sessions. We ask finalists if they are aware of any conflicts before the program kicks off. If you need to skip more than one session, we ask that you do not join.

Do I receive any investment capital as part of being in the program?

This program is focused entirely on education and community. We do not provide capital to participants.