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3 pillars of community

Discover new

Source nascent companies with personal endorsements and pre-existing diligence.

  • Sector-specific forums
  • Regular deal review
  • Online alumni community
  • Exposure to First Round founders

"Angel Track is one of the most engaged communities I've been a part of. Hundreds of brilliant folks in the community share companies, which has directly improved my ability to find founders to partner with. I can trace dozens of potential investments I considered back to the community."

Bruno Werneck de Almeida

Business & Corporate Development Lead, Plaid

Learn from like-minded peers

Dive deep on special topics and get quick answers to tactical questions from a community of peers.

“I’ve continued to learn from this group. We’ve taught each other things that work well at our companies — Tido Carriero’s ‘happy career’ concept and Snir Kodesh’s lessons on impact-driven teams will stick with me forever. I’m still inspired by folks like Jean-Denis Greze, a world-class CTO. You spend 10 minutes with him, and you leave with a wealth of high-density insights.”

Julia Schottenstein

Product Leader at Langchain

  • Alumni-led “how to” sessions
  • Book clubs
  • Post-pitch debriefs
  • Community Q&A

Build new

Gather at highly-curated dinners and Angel Track retreats. Stay connected via our Slack community and opt-in virtual 1:1s.

  • Themed retreats 
  • Intimate topical dinners
  • Regional meetups
  • Virtual 1:1s

“Angel Track was instrumental in refining my investment approach and was a catalyst for long-lasting connections with other people who share my passion for developer products, AI, and crypto. Now, when I look at a company and seek a new perspective, they act as fresh pairs of eyes for advice.”

Romain Huet

Head of Developer Experience at OpenAI

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