Builders Backing Builders.

Meet the angels backing, advising and championing those at the earliest stages of company buildings.

Ben Tossell
Founder & CEO
Makerpad (acquired by Zapier)
Ben is the Founder of Makerpad (acquired by Zapier in 2021), teaching others how to leverage no-code tech at work. Ben started a Makerpad Fund focusing on no-code/low-code investments.
Ben Uretsky
Co-founder & COO
Welcome Homes
A multi-time founder, Ben is currently the co-founder and COO of Welcome Homes, which makes building new homes simple. He was the Co-founder & former CEO of DigitalOcean, a cloud infrastructure provider. He founded his first company ServerStack, a managed hosting provider, with his brother Moisey Uretsky.
Bhaumik Kotecha
Director of Growth Strategy & Operations
Bhau was previously a Business Operations Lead at Cash App. Prior to Cash App, he was the Head of Global Sales Strategy for Square’s Seller business. Bhau has overseen various go-to-market initiatives across both of Square’s major business units.
Bob Lee
Chief Product Officer
Currently the CPO of MobileCoin, Bob is the former CTO of Square, where he built the company’s core products, scaled the team from 12 to 1200 people, and created Square Cash. Before Square, Bob worked at Google where he created Guice and led the core library development for the first few years of Android. He’s added several features to the Java programming language and platform (such as lambdas).
Bobby Green
President and Chief Medical Officer
Thyme Care
Bobby is currently at Thyme Care, which guides cancer patients through a complex healthcare system by providing personalized support. Prior to that, he joined Flatiron Health in 2014 as Chief Medical Officer, after 15 years in practice as a medical oncologist.
Brandon White
Head of Product
Spring Discovery
Brandon worked at Uber as an early machine learning engineer before leading the development of an early blood-based cancer detection test at Freenome, and now leads several drug development programs as Head of Product at Spring Discovery.
Bremner Morris
Bremner Morris was the CEO of Rally where he was responsible for driving the awareness and adoption of Rally in the creator, fan and crypto communities. Previously, he served as the community appointed CMO/CRO for the $RLY project overseeing all go-to-market initiatives. Prior to joining Rally, Bremner worked for Patreon for 3.5 years where he oversaw the development of Patreon's go-to-market organization.
Brett Keintz
Director of Product Management
Brett leads product for Instagram Stories and previously led the Instagram Growth team. Previously, he was Director of Consumer Product at Groupon in Chicago with leadership over 7 product teams owning Groupon's web homepage, search, deal page, checkout, profiles, and cross-platform merchandising
Brexton Pham
Brexton is the CEO of Series. Before that, he founded a company working on conversational agents and built facial analytics software for cosmetics brands such as LVMH's maisons. Ex. Tinder, Slack, and Yik Yak.
Brian Nichols
Venture Partner
Hustle Fund
Before joining Hustle Fund, Brian was previously at On Deck, supporting and growing a community of founders building the next wave of world-changing companies. He also runs a Lyft syndicate that invests in and supports early-stage consumer startups. Previously, Brian ran business development at Blackbird, led operations at Zoox, managed the California market and expansion at Lyft, and co-founded RewardTag (acq. STM Bags).
Brian Rothenberg
A long time founder, operator and angel investor, Brian is now a Partner at early stage venture capital firm Defy Partners. Before that, he built First Round-backed SkillSlate (acq. by TaskRabbit) and was Eventbrite's first VP of Growth from startup through their IPO.
Bruno Werneck de Almeida
Corporate Strategy & Business Development
Bruno leads Plaid's Credit and Web3 business development efforts and is focused on product partnerships, investments, and M&A.
Caitlin ("Cait") Collins
Venture Builder
Portfolio T
Most recently Caitlin was the VP of People and Operations at AllStripes and was COO at Mango Health (sold to TrialCard in Sept. 2019). She is a startup executive with depth in operations and consumer experience and a background in product development, mobile marketing, and scaling & automating systems. Caitlin is driven to have an impact on people’s lives by building teams who are happy, healthy, and productive and by creating products and services that improve people’s health and well-being. Outside of work, her goals are to get a good night’s sleep and to hike every mile of Tilden Park with her wife, 2 sons, and 2 dogs (2 is her lucky number).
Camilo Acosta
Camilo is an experienced tech founder and exited founder/CEO turned investor and Big Tech product leader. As an investor, he uses his strong product intuition and former founder experiences to drive value to his portfolio CEOs and executives.
Cat Lee
Co-Founder + COO
Pace Groups
Cat is currently angel investing, advising and embarking on new adventures. Previously, she was a Partner at Maveron where she invested in and worked with founders seeking purpose and profit. She brings over 15 years of operating experience from Facebook and Pinterest, most recently as Pinterest's Head of Culture.
Catherine Ferdon
Head of Marketing & Brand, Cash App
Catherine is the Head of Marketing and Brand for Square's Cash App where she leads marketing, brand and growth efforts for the burgeoning consumer finance app that's routinely ranked #1 in the App Store. Prior to Square, she worked on the Slide team at Google.
Celine Halioua
Founder & CEO
Cellular Longevity (dba Loyal)
Celine is the Founder/CEO of Cellular Longevity, a consumer bio company developing drugs to extend dog lifespan. She is also a Venture Partner at The Longevity Fund, where she was previously Chief of Staff. Celine was a D.Phil. student at Oxford health economics and studied neuroscience at UT Austin.
Charles Deutsch
GM, Financial Services
Charles is an entrepreneurial executive & GM w/ record of building and selling innovative financial products and partnerships to large enterprise, small business and consumer segments. He has worked at OnDeck Capital, Acorns, Wave, and TrueAccord.
Charles Naut
Charles bootstrapped his previous startup, Playbook HR, until it was acquired by Intuit where he then spent 4 years as a tech lead and an early principal software engineer in their self-employed group. After leaving Intuit, he traveled the world for 10 months and moved back to his hometown New York City. He is currently angel investing and working on a new startup idea.
Charley Ma
GM of Fintech
Before joining Alloy, Charley was the head of growth at Ramp, helping to launch and grow a corporate card product. Prior to that, he was the first business hire at Plaid where he led fintech + developer sales and opened up their NYC office.
Chris Abad
Director of User Experience
Chris is currently the Director of UX at Google. Formerly, he was Director of Design at Square and the Design Director at Dropbox. He's also a public speaker, startup advisor, and serial entrepreneur.
Chris Hull
Chris advises and invests in D2C brands and retail related technology companies.  Prior to starting THP, Chris was Chief Merchandising Officer at Shinola and has held product and merchandising leadership roles at Nike, Inc.
Chris Nakutis Taylor
Founding Partner
Nomad Ventures
Chris is the founding partner of Nomad Ventures, an early-stage venture fund focused on marketplaces and new ways for individuals to make money on the internet. He is passionate about investing in underrepresented groups and is #LongLA. Chris was previously one of the first 250 employees at Uber and first 200 at Bird, and spent over 6 years building those businesses from early to later stage, first as the Regional General Manager of the South Region for Uber Ridesharing, then as the Regional General Manager of the South and West Regions of North America for Uber Eats, and lastly as the SVP of Global Operations for Bird.
Christina LaMontagne
CEO & Co-Founder
Clarity Pediatrics
Christina works to improve the experience and efficiency of healthcare using technology and data. She is currently the CEO and co-founder of Clarity Pediatrics, and her past experience includes leading technology-related Corporate Development across Johnson & Johnson's ~$80B global business in consumer, medical devices, and pharma, five years of startup leadership at NerdWallet - helping grow the company 10x to over >$100M in revenue - as well as venture capital investing and several years working in China. She loves to connect great people and ideas.
Christine Hurtubise
Vice President of Product, Head of Data Science
Christine has spent 10 years in Data Science within FinTech, working at Orum, Stash Invest, and OnDeck.
Christopher Fong
Christopher started and runs the 10,000+ member ex-Google community, which was formed to bring together Google alumni and current Googlers interested in helping ex-Google entrepreneurs. Prior to starting in 2015, Christopher spent over 8 years in business development, partnerships, and sales at Google and 3 years at Expedia.
Christopher Sesi
Chris is a zero to one founder in B2B SaaS with experience across product, design, legal, sales and compliance.
Claire Butler
Senior Director, Marketing
Claire was employee #8 at Figma and the first marketer / business hire. She led the team from stealth through monetization while finding product market fit. Prior to that she was early stage marketing through acquisition at Climate Corp.
Cris Valerio
Head of Product
All Day Kitchens
Cris has 10+ years of experience working with entrepreneurs & innovators across various roles including product management, strategy, and storytelling. She is currently a Head of Product at All Day Kitchens. Prior to that, she was a Product Lead at Instacart and led Product at maternal health startup Bloomlife, built Rider and Driver-facing promotions at Uber and was an in Innovator-in-Residence at IDEO. She started her career with Bloomberg as a financial news journalist and is a Duke Fuqua alum.
Cristina Cordova
First Round
Before joining First Round to back early-stage founders, Cristina was the Head of Platform & Partnerships at Notion. Prior to Notion, she spent 7.5 years at Stripe, joining as the 28th employee and first Business Development hire, leading multiple teams across Business Development, Financial Partnerships, Partner Engineering and Diversity & Inclusion functions. Before Stripe, Cristina led Business Development for Pulse (acq. by Linkedin).
Curtis Lee
VP, Global Payments & Cash
Curtis is currently head of payments products and strategy at Microsoft and the Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of Pinwheel, the API platform for income verification. Previous, he was Venture Partner at Primary Venture Partners and the Co-founder and CEO of on-demand car services company, Luxe (acq. Volvo), founded workforce analytics company, WorkStory, and held product leadership roles at Groupon, Zynga and Google. He's currently an advisor and board member of several startups.
Damien Kan
Kan Family Capital
Full time investor and advisor. Previously founder and CTO of Propeller Labs, founder and CEO of Shogun, and 1st engineer at Alto Pharmacy.
Dan Becker
Head of Design
Dan is a product designer with over 15 years of experience leading teams at Instagram, Airbnb, Square, and Strava. He's also an advisor to Designer Fund.
Dan Carroll
Co-founder & CPO
Dan started his career as an eighth grade science teacher. That led him to help start Clever, the most widely used single-sign on platform for K-12 education. On top of serving as Clever’s Chief Product Officer, Dan also works and invests in early stage edtech companies.
Dan Siroker
Co-Founder & CEO
Dan is the Co-Founder & CEO of Scribe. Scribe's vision is to provide perfect recall of every memory. The first step toward this vision is a product that enables you to get the most valuable parts of a meeting in minutes. Prior to Scribe AI, Dan co-founded Optimizely. As CEO, he grew annual recurring revenue from $0 to $90M and built a team of 400 employees. Prior to Optimizely, Dan served as the Director of Analytics for Obama's 2008 presidential campaign and worked at Google as product manager.
Dan Sommer
Sales Impact Academy
Dan is an EdTech entrepreneur with a proven track record of building companies from start up through successful exit. He founded and served as CEO of Trilogy Education, a Workforce Accelerator that partners with the world's leading universities to help companies bridge the digital skills gap. Trilogy was acquired by 2U, Inc. for $750M. Prior to founding Trilogy, Dan served as Zeta Global’s President of Global Education.
Dane Knecht
SVP, Emerging Technology and Incubation
Dane is a product management leaderl passionate about innovation and working with great teams to build amazing products. He has a strong background in SaaS services with leadership experience in Product Management, Product Marketing, Scaling Operations, Business Development, and Recruiting.
Daniel Loreto
Daniel is the co-founder of – a company making it easier to build backend systems on the cloud. Previously he's held senior engineering roles at companies like Twitter and Airbnb. He's an active angel investor.
Danika Koenig
Head of Payments
Danika is currently the Payments GM at Ness, a health and wellness credit card startup. Before Ness, Danika spent five years on the strategic partnerships team at Stripe helping build out the early team from 230 to 3000 people and expanding the company’s reach to over 40 countries.
David Breger
Director of Product
For the past decade, David has led products and product teams at LinkedIn, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. He's primarily focused on consumer social, mobile, growth, and safety/integrity product areas.
David Green
David is the CEO of Earnest, a fintech lender focused on education. He previously served as COO and Chief Product Officer at Earnest, acting on the company’s mission to make higher education attainable and affordable for everyone. Now a part-time angel investor, David is interested in fintech and edtech startups.
David Haber
General Partner
Andreessen Horowitz
David is a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, based in New York City. He was previously VP of Firmwide Strategy & Corporate Development at Goldman Sachs, leading on Partnerships, New Ventures and M&A. Before that, he was Founder & CEO of Bond Street (acq. Goldman Sachs).
David Nunez
Former Head of Internal Docs
David most recently led the docs team at Stripe for four years, building out internal documentation for the tech org. Before Stripe, David also led documentation efforts at Uber. He left Stripe in 2022 to pursue investment and advisor opportunities—particularly startups in the developer tools and climate spaces.
David Ongchoco
Growth Lead
David leads growth and marketing at Rutter, a universal commerce API company. He also angel invests in early-stage startups via Comma Capital. Previously, he was at Amplitude where he built out various GTM programs. He’s also a prolific journalist, writing about startups and VC for Huffington Post and Inc. Magazine.
David Phillips
Founder & CEO
A serial founder, David is currently the Founder & CEO of Fondo, helping startup founders protect and extend their runway. Prior to Fondo, he was the Co-founder of BloomJoy, building media businesses for influencers, the Co-founder & CEO of Hackbright Academy (acq. by Capella Education), and Co-founder of Banjo.
David Walker
Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder
The Agency RE
Currently the Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of The Agency RE and Co-Founder & CEO of Triplemint, David is on a mission to give buyers, sellers and renters a more intelligent and personalized experience buying, selling and renting homes. Prior to building Triplemint, he was the Director of Marketing at (acq. by Clover Wellness).
Dayo Esho
Co-founder & CEO
A serial founder, Dayo is currently the Co-founder & CEO of TravelJoy, building delightful, simple tools for travel entrepreneurs. He was previously the Co-founder & CEO of and Co-founder of Rapleaf / Liveramp.
DeCarlos Love
Product Leader
Currently a Product Leader at Google and recently VP of Product at Athos. Before that DeCarlos led Product experiences at Apple, Fox, Huge, and Target. He also spends time coaching product managers and advising startup execs. A believer in expanding access, DeCarlos is a part of the leadership team at Transparent Collective.
DeVaris Brown
Co-Founder & CEO
DeVaris is currently the Co-Founder & CEO of Meroxa.
Dean Kelly
A serial entrepreneur, Dean is currently CEO of Gainful, a Personalized Sports Nutrition Company. Previously, he was the GM and Head of Inspiration & Vendor Marketplace at Zola, where he was building and launching a brand new business within the brand. Before that, he co-founded HeyLets and Zanui.

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