Builders Backing Builders.

Meet the angels backing, advising and championing those at the earliest stages of company buildings.

AJ Frank
Director of Product Management
An experience product leader and builder, AJ is currently a Director of Product at Facebook focused on incubating new products. Previously, AJ was CEO of a Greylock-backed start-up, Vest, which was acquired by Dropbox where he became a Director of Product, and GM of Vine (@ Twitter).
Aatif Awan
Founder & Managing Partner
Indus Valley Capital
Aatif Awan is the Founder & Managing Partner of Indus Valley Capital, an early-stage VC fund focused on Pakistani startups that are transforming entire industries in the country. Aatif is Board Director for Atoms, Airlift and Bazaar. Previously, he was VP of Growth & International products at LinkedIn and built the team that grew the network by half a billion members.
Ali Altaf
Product Manager
Ali is a product lead at Pinterest where he has spent the last 5 years building products across all parts of the company, and helped Pinterest grow into a 300M MAU business. He is also an active angel investor and leads PinAngels - the Pinterest angel investing syndicate with 200 ex/current Pinterest employees.
Ali Vahabzadeh
Co-founder and CEO
An unapologetic Long Islander who lives to hustle and build great teams, Ali is bringing order to the chaos of city streets as the Founder & CEO of CurbFlow. Before that, Ali built Chariot (acq. by Ford) as Co-founder & CEO and was President & COO of NeighborCity.
Alison Koplar Wyatt
The Female Founder Collective
Currently angel investing and advising, Alison was previously the President & Co-Founder of Girlboss, the CRO for Goop, and led Publishing and Partnerships at Refinery29.
Amber Feng
Early engineering and business leader
Amber was one of Stripe's early engineers and worked on the first versions of many of their products. Over eight years, helped the company scale from 10 to 2000+, forming and leading the Product and Financial Infrastructure engineering orgs and launching a few of Stripe's new businesses, including the corporate card product (
Amber Greene
Head of Product
Amber is currently the Head of Product at Medley, a membership for curious, growth-minded people. Prior to Medley, she built the Experience Research and Service Design function at Cityblock Health, and led User Experience Research at Flatiron Health, WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) and Google.
Ameet Ranadive
Chief Product Officer
Currently the Chief Product Officer at GetYourGuide, Ameet was formerly the Head of Well-Being Product at Instagram, VP of Revenue Product at Twitter and Co-Founder of Dasient (acquired by $TWTR). Earlier in his career, he was a strategy consultant at McKinsey and engineer at HP.
Amos Barreto
VP of Engineering
Amos is currently the VP of Engineering at Userleap, the first real-time customer insights platform. An Uber veteran, Amos joined as one of the first 20, building and scaling the Marketplace organization as Director of Engineering.
Ana Mahony
Head of US Cities
Uber Eats
Ana has been at Uber for 6 years, and currently leads the US cities business for Uber Eats. Previously, Ana worked at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and in private equity. She is passionate about increasing access to leadership roles and funding for traditionally underrepresented groups.
Anndrea Moore
Business & Advertiser Growth
A Product Marketing leader, Anndrea currently leads Core Advertiser Growth product marketing at Facebook and previously led SMB Digital Growth and Programs at Apple. Prior to Apple, she led teams across SMB sales and product marketing at Google. A founder herself, she is also the Founder & CEO of Black Tech Women.
Annie Ta
Product Lead, Emerging Products
A product management and communications leader, Annie is a Pinterest veteran, where she is currently a Product Lead focused on emerging products. She initially joined Pinterest as the second member of the PR team and later spearheaded the launch of Pinterest's business model as one of the first ads product managers. She was also one of the earliest members of the Corporate Communications team at Facebook.
Ariana Poursartip
Entrepreneur In Residence
Thrive Capital
Ariana is currently an EIR at Thrive Captial. Prior to Thrive, she was VP of Product at Petal, crafting credit that's honest, simple, and accessible, and she led Square Capital as its Founder and Head of Product, and built product & growth at Prefer.
Ayo Omojola
VP Product
Carbon Health
Ayo is currently the VP of Product at Carbon Health, focused on fighting the COVID-19 epidemic. Before Carbon Health, he was a product lead on Square's Cash App, leading the Cash Card, and founded Hipmob (acq. by, a customer messaging solution for ecommerce and mobile apps.
Bangaly Kaba
Executive in Residence
Bangaly is currently an Executive in Residence at Reforge, which offers growth-focused programs for professionals in marketing, product, data, and engineering. A long time product leader, Bangaly was previously the a VP of Product at Instacart, and led Instagram's growth from 440M to 1B+ monthly active users as the Head of Growth.
Ben Uretsky
Co-founder and Board Member
Digital Ocean
With a passion to simplify the complexities of infrastructure and building new open source cloud technology, Ben is the Co-founder & former CEO of DigitalOcean, a cloud infrastructure provider. Prior to DigitalOcean, he founded his first company ServerStack, a managed hosting provider, with his brother Moisey Uretsky.
Brian Nichols
Team Member
On Deck
Brian is currently at On Deck, supporting and growing a community of founders building the next wave of world-changing companies. He also runs a Lyft syndicate that invests in and supports early-stage consumer startups. Previously, Brian ran business development at Blackbird, led operations at Zoox, managed the California market and expansion at Lyft, and co-founded RewardTag (acq. STM Bags).
Brian Rothenberg
A long time founder, operator and angel investor, Brian is now a Partner at early stage venture capital firm Defy Partners. Before that, he built First Round-backed SkillSlate (acq. by TaskRabbit) and was Eventbrite's first VP of Growth from startup through their IPO.
Caitlin ("Cait") Collins
Mango Health (acq. TrialCard)
Most recently Caitlin was COO at Mango Health (sold to TrialCard in Sept. 2019). She is a startup executive with depth in operations and consumer experience and a background in product development, mobile marketing, and scaling & automating systems. Caitlin is driven to have an impact on people’s lives by building teams who are happy, healthy, and productive and by creating products and services that improve people’s health and well-being. Outside of work, her goals are to get a good night’s sleep and to hike every mile of Tilden Park with her wife, 2 sons, and 2 dogs (2 is her lucky number).
Cat Lee
On a new adventure
Cat is currently angel investing, advising and embarking on new adventures. Previously, she was a Partner at Maveron where she invested in and worked with founders seeking purpose and profit. She brings over 15 years of operating experience from Facebook and Pinterest, most recently as Pinterest's Head of Culture.
Catherine Ferdon
Head of Marketing & Brand, Cash App
Catherine is the Head of Marketing and Brand for Square's Cash App where she leads marketing, brand and growth efforts for the burgeoning consumer finance app that's routinely ranked #1 in the App Store. Prior to Square, she worked on the Slide team at Google.
Celine Halioua
Founder & CEO
Celine is the Founder/CEO of Celevity, a consumer bio company developing drugs to extend dog lifespan. She is also a Venture Partner at The Longevity Fund, where she was previously Chief of Staff. Celine was a D.Phil. student at Oxford health economics and studied neuroscience at UT Austin.
Chris Abad
Director of Design
Chris is currently Design Director at Dropbox. He's also a public speaker, startup advisor, and serial entrepreneur.
Chris Hull
Founding Partner
The Highline Partners
Chris advises and invests in D2C brands and retail related technology companies.  Prior to starting THP, Chris was Chief Merchandising Officer at Shinola and has held product and merchandising leadership roles at Nike, Inc.
Chris Nakutis Taylor
Chris is currently the COO at PlayVS. As an angel investor and advisor, he is passionate about investing in underrepresented groups and is #LongLA. Chris was previously one of the first 250 employees at Uber and first 200 at Bird, and spent over 6 years building those businesses from early to later stage, first as the Regional General Manager of the South Region for Uber Ridesharing, then as the Regional General Manager of the South and West Regions of North America for Uber Eats, and lastly as the SVP of Global Operations for Bird.
Christina LaMontagne
Pill Club
Christina works to improve the experience and efficiency of healthcare using technology and data. She is currently the COO of Pill Club, and her past experience includes leading technology-related Corporate Development across Johnson & Johnson's ~$80B global business in consumer, medical devices, and pharma, five years of startup leadership at NerdWallet - helping grow the company 10x to over >$100M in revenue - as well as venture capital investing and several years working in China. She loves to connect great people and ideas.
Cristina Cordova
Head of Platform & Partnerships at Notion
Cristina is the Head of Platform & Partnerships at Notion. Prior to Notion, she spent 7.5 years at Stripe, joining as the 28th employee and first Business Development hire, leading multiple teams across Business Development, Financial Partnerships, Partner Engineering and Diversity & Inclusion functions. Before Stripe, Cristina led Business Development for Pulse (acq. by Linkedin).
Curtis Lee
Co-Founder & Executive Chairman
Curtis is currently a Venture Partner at Primary Venture Partners and the Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of Pinwheel, the API platform for income verification. Previous, he was the Co-founder and CEO of on-demand car services company, Luxe (acq. Volvo), founded workforce analytics company, WorkStory, and held product leadership roles at Groupon, Zynga and Google. He's currently an advisor and board member of several startups.
Damien Kan
Kan Family Capital
Full time investor and advisor. Previously founder and CTO of Propeller Labs, founder and CEO of Shogun, and 1st engineer at Alto Pharmacy.
David Haber
VP of Firmwide Strategy & Corp Dev
Goldman Sachs
David is currently VP of Firmwide Strategy & Corporate Development at Goldman Sachs, leading on Partnerships, New Ventures and M&A. Before that, he was Founder & CEO of Bond Street (acq. Goldman Sachs).
David Phillips
Founder & CEO
A serial founder, David is currently the Founder & CEO of Fondo, helping startup founders protect and extend their runway. Prior to Fondo, he was the Co-founder of BloomJoy, building media businesses for influencers, the Co-founder & CEO of Hackbright Academy (acq. by Capella Education), and Co-founder of Banjo.
David Walker
Co-founder & CEO
Currently Co-Founder & CEO of Triplemint, David is on a mission to give buyers, sellers and renters a more intelligent and personalized experience buying, selling and renting homes. Prior to building Triplemint, he was the Director of Marketing at (acq. by Clover Wellness).
Dayo Esho
Co-founder & CEO
A serial founder, Dayo is currently the Co-founder & CEO of TravelJoy, building delightful, simple tools for travel entrepreneurs. He was previously the Co-founder & CEO of and Co-founder of Rapleaf / Liveramp.
DeCarlos Love
Product Leader
Currently a Product Leader at Google and recently VP of Product at Athos. Before that DeCarlos led Product experiences at Apple, Fox, Huge, and Target. He also spends time coaching product managers and advising startup execs. A believer in expanding access, DeCarlos is a part of the leadership team at Transparent Collective.
DeVaris Brown
Co-Founder & CEO
DeVaris is currently the Co-Founder & CEO of Meroxa.
Dean Kelly
GM, Head of Vendor Marketplace
A serial entrepreneur, Dean is currently GM and Head of Inspiration & Vendor Marketplace at Zola, building and launching a brand new business within the brand. Before that, he co-founded HeyLets and Zanui.
Ebony Peay Ramirez
Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Consultant
Formerly the PM lead for Diversity & Inclusion at Oculus, Ebony now focuses on consulting Founders on strategic D&I efforts. She also educates young women on startups through her Plum2.0 Book series. She worked in tech for the last ten years in administrative and operations roles at Conductor Inc, Bloomberg and Goldman Sachs.
Elliot Cohen
Founder and CEO
Citymaps (acq. TripAdvisor)
Currently leading business expansion and strategic partnerships at ADT as SVP of Business Development. Before that, Elliot built CityMaps into a household name as Founder & CEO, joining TripAdvisor after its acquisition.
Emily Kramer
New Startup
Emily was most recently VP of Marketing at Carta, and has built marketing teams from the ground up at Carta, Asana, Astro (acquired by Slack), and Ticketfly. Emily co-authored and launched the gender equity gap study at Carta in 2018 with #ANGELS and developed Carta's Table Stakes Initiative in 2019. Emily is currently an EIR at All Raise, co-founder of Help Wanted Project where she mentors candidates looking for new roles; and co-founder of an unannounced startup. Emily is beginning to angel invest in companies committed to diversity and inclusion.
Erica Baker
Director of Engineering
An industry engineering leader, Erica is currently a Director of Engineering @ Github. Prior to Github, she was a Principal Group Engineering Manager at Microsoft and led Infrastructure Engineering teams at Slack, Patreon and Google. A founding member of Project Include, Erica is an advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech, as well as expanding access to tech exposure and education.
Erika Reinhardt
Core Team
U.S. Digital Response
Erika is currently exploring new startup directions addressing climate change. Previously, she led engineering groups at Stripe, OpenAI, and Planet Labs, started a 2016 voter registration and turnout non-profit, and studied both mechanical engineering and computer science at MIT.
Fareed Mosavat
Executive in Residence
A product and growth leader, Fareed is currently an Executive in Residence at Reforge. Previously, he led product, growth, and engineering teams at high-growth companies like Slack, Instacart, Runkeeper (acquired by Asics), Conduit Labs (acquired by Zynga), and Pixar Animation Studios (pre-Disney).
Felicia Curcuru
Co-founder and CEO
Felicia is the Co-founder and CEO of Binti, which is a First Round-backed govtech company focused on improving the foster care system in order to help every child have a family. Prior to starting Binti, Felicia was the first employee at FundersClub, where she ran the investor side of the business. She was previously an Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company.
Jean Sini
General Partner
Currently a General Partner at Partech, Jean is a serial entrepreneur and engineering leader. Most recently, he led the engineering team as CTO of Cadre, Co-founder and CTO of Fountain, VP of Engineering at Mint, and Chief Product and Tech Officer at One King's Lane.
Jeff Chang
Building something new
Jeff is currently building something new. An industry growth leader, Jeff led growth engineering teams at Pinterest as a technical lead. He joined Pinterest as an early member of the growth team and led many high impact initiatives on their path to 300MM+ MAU. Jeff is also an active angel investor and specializes in helping founders find product market fit and grow.
Jeff Weinstein
Product Lead
Jeff is Product Lead for Payments Infrastructure at Stripe. He was previously Founder and CEO of Wagon (acquired by Box) and led Hyperpublic (acquired by Groupon).
Jenna Hannon
VP of Marketing
VP of Marketing at Statespace. Previously Growth and Product Marketing at Uber. Angle syndicate lead.
Jiaona (JZ) Zhang
VP of Product
Leading product for some of the industry's giants, JZ is currently VP of Product at Webflow and a lecturer at Stanford. Before that, she ran product teams at WeWork, Airbnb (built out several Host teams and launched Airbnb Plus) and Dropbox (focused on collaboration tools).
Joe Blau
Sr. iOS Engineer
Entrepreneur currently helping people build sensor based mobile first software products. Ex. Uber, Uber ATG, Amazon, SAIC, Raytheon and a bunch of failed startups.
Jon Brelig
Working on something new.
Currently working on something new, previously Jon was the Co-Founder and CTO of America's largest purchase panel, InfoScout (acq. by Numerator) and co-founded (acq. by Vail Resorts).
Jules Walter
Product Leader
Jules is a long term product leader and entrepreneur, currently leading Product for Slack's Growth & Monetization team. A firm believer in increasing access, he is also the Co-Founder and President of, building the largest pipeline of high-performing underrepresented software engineers.
Julia Lipton
Awesome People Ventures
Julia is the founder of Awesome People Ventures, an early-stage fund focused on the future of wellness and work. She also runs Awesome People Co, a talent network for trusted part-time hires. Previously, she ran revenue at Rise, a nutrition company bought by One Medical, and launched Video Visits at One Medical.
Julie Park
Director, Global SMB Sales
Julie is currently the Director for Small Business at FB.  Previously, she was an early product manager at Pinterest, and earlier in her career advised consumer/retail companies at Goldman Sachs for seven years.
Justin Overdorff
Head of New Product Partnerships
A former late-stage VC investor turned business development leader, Justin is the Head of Product Partnerships and New Market Development at Stripe. Prior to that, he led Business Development for Yelp and Techstars, and invested in late stage technology companies with Summit Partners.
KJ Miller
Co-founder and CEO
KJ is the Co-founder & CEO of Mented Cosmetics, a pigment-first beauty brand celebrating women of all hues. Prior to founding Mented, KJ spent most of her career working in retail, leading projects in merchandising, retail analytics, pricing, and sales forecasting.
Kat Orekhova
Co-Founder & CEO
Kat is the CEO & Cofounder at Vara, an early stage startup that is changing how companies operate. She is the former Head of Product at Ironclad and previously held leadership roles at Facebook across Product, Data Science, and Finance. She has math degrees from Yale, Oxford, and Uppsala University.
Kathy Porto Chang
Product Lead
Kathy manages a team of PMs working on improving payments conversion for users, with products like Radar (Fraud) and authorization optimization. Previously, she was a Group Product Manager at Twitter, where she led consumer product teams in Information Integrity, Recommendations, and Discovery. In her spare time, she enjoys mentoring people from underrepresented groups in technology as well as learning to be a better storyteller.
Kelcey Gosserand
Developer Advocacy
A Blockchain evangelist, Kelcey leads Developer Advocacy for IBM's focus on Blockchain, IoT, Kubernetes, and Serverless Computing. A firm believer in storytelling and democratizing access to tech, she is also the founder of the blockchain community building engine, Trellis and Co-founder of Women + Blockchain.
Kelly Peeler
Founder and CEO
MoneyMentor (acq.)
Kelly has built several companies focused on Gen Z. Currently, she is the Founder & CEO of MoneyMentor, formerly NextGenVest (acq. by CommonBond). Prior to this, she co-founded Business Across Borders, which helps to build and scale Iraqi tech-enabled ventures.
Kenny Mendes
Head of Finance, HR, & Operations
Currently Head of Finance, HR and Operations at Coda. Before that, Kenny led recruiting for Box, helping to scale the team from 40 to 1,200+.
Kimberly Marshall
Launch with GS
Investing and advising in teams that will change the world, Kimberly is currently advising Goldman Sachs on Launch With GS, their $500 million investment strategy grounded in the data that diverse teams drive strong returns. Previouslyshe led tech Investments for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and led Strategy and Commercial Product Management for Uber.
Lauren Berson
VP of Strategic Growth
Lauren is the VP of Strategic Growth at WW, leading global efforts in Strategy, Partnerships and M&A. An investor and operator, she was previously a Market Development Partner at Andreessen Horowitz and led Strategic Partnerships for Android, Search and Google+ at Google.
Lauren Jarvis
Head of Content Partnerships, North America
A leader in the audio space, Lauren is the Head of Content Partnerships, North America at Spotify, managing the company's audio footprint of 300K+ shows and the enabling technology. Prior to this, she led as Director of Business Development for Universal and Sony owned Vevo and worked in Management Consulting at Booz & Co.
Lee Moulton
Director of Partnerships
Currently, Lee leads Partnerships for SeatGeek as the company's Global Partnerships Director. Prior to this, he was a founding team member at Breather, leading Strategic Partnerships there, and a strategist at Goldman Sachs.
Lenny Rachitsky
Lenny's Newsletter
Lenny spends most of his time writing a weekly newsletter about product and growth, while angel investing and advising on the side. Previously, Lenny spent seven years at Airbnb leading teams driving supply growth, marketplace quality, and community. Before that he was a founder and an engineer.
Lexie Komisar
Global Head of Strategic Partnerships and Startup Ecosystems
As the Global Head of Strategic Partnerships & Startup Ecosystems at IBM, Lexie leads a team bringing IBM's emerging tech to startups across the world and previously founded IBM's first Digital Innovation Lab. Prior to IBM, she served as Associate Director at the Clinton Foundation, where she created the Foundation’s first program focused on leveraging technology and innovation for social change.
Liesl Chang
Liesl is the Co-founder of Cricket, a returns optimization platform that lets online retailers place the right return policy for the right product, to the right customer, at the right time. A champion of NYC startups and expert in the logistics space, she's led last mile innovation and logistics for Latch, Casper and Zipments.
Lisa Kleinsorge
Directer, Business Development
Specialized in product-focused Biz Dev endeavors, Lisa is currently running one of Twitter's partnerships teams. Prior to this role, she led Headspace's international growth efforts as well as built Spotify’s global partner / developer platform.
Lisa Marrone
A founder and investor, Lisa is the Co-Founder of Revel Gatherings, a new community for women over 50. Before starting her own entrepreneurial journey, she worked with extraordinary founders as a Principal with August Capital.
Lucy Zhang
Visiting Partner
Pear VC
An engineering leader and investor, Lucy is currently a Visiting Partner at Pear VC. Previously, she co-founded Beluga, which was acquired by Facebook in 2011, and became the founding engineer on Facebook Messenger. Prior to that, she built products at Google including AdWords, News and Google Docs.
Madhu Muthukumar
Head of Product Management
A leader in the art of product, Madhu has spent the last 10 years building mobile, web and VR products for startups, public companies, governments and non-profits. Most recently he lead product teams at Twitter, Facebook and, currently, as Head of Product Management at Robinhood.
Mandela SH Dixon
Founder and CEO
Founder Gym
Mandela is the Founder & CEO of Founder Gym, the first online program to train underrepresented founders on how to raise money to scale their tech startups. She began her journey in Silicon Valley as the Co-Founder of Tioki, before leading Global Education for Startup Weekend (acq. Techstars) and joining Kapor Capital as the founding Portfolio Services Director.
Max Branzburg
Senior Director of Product
Max is currently a Senior Director of Product at Coinbase, where he also leads seed stage investments for Coinbase Ventures. Prior to Coinbase, he worked on several product teams at Google, including co-founding Google Pay India.
Max Crowley
Co-Founder & CEO
A builder and investor, Max is currently the Co-Founder & CEO of Bandit, a mobile order based coffee experience. Prior to this, he was one of the earliest employees at Uber, joining in 2011 to launch Chicago and later launched and led Uber for Business.
Megan Zoback
Startup Partnerships
An investor and long term operator, Megan is currently a Startup Partner Lead at Stripe. An Uber original, she joined the team as one of the first international launchers in 2012. Most recently, she led as Uber's Director of Business Development, before working with Circle Up as a Managing Director.
Meka Asonye
VP, Sales
Meka is currently the VP, Sales @ Mixpanel. Prior to Mixpanel, he lead the Startup & SMB Sales org at Stripe, where his teams advise high-growth, venture backed companies on their commerce, monetization and expansion strategies. Prior to Stripe, Meka led projects in Bain & Company's technology consulting practice and worked for the Cleveland Indians.
Melissa Tan
Growth & Product Leader
A growth and product leader, Melissa was mostly recently the VP Product at Ro, the DTC healthcare startup behind Roman, Rory, and Zero. Prior to Ro, she was at Dropbox where she started and led the Growth & Monetization team for Dropbox Business. Melissa enjoys supporting startups as an investor and advisor.
Michael Rothman
Co-founder and CEO
Mike Rothman is the Co-Founder & CEO of Fatherly, the leading digital lifestyle brand for today's parents. A New Yorker through and through, he was previously one of the founding employees at Thrillist, responsible for all sales and revenue operations.
Mindy Zhang
Director of Product Management
A lover of the human side of technology, Mindy currently a product leader @ Oscar. Previously, she was a Group PM at Dropbox both in San Francisco and New York, and Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft.
Molly Turner
Haas Berkeley
An urban innovation pioneer and a leading expert on technology startups and cities, Molly is currently a Lecturer at Berkeley Haas. Prior to this, Molly was an early employee of Airbnb, where she established the company’s public policy team in 2011 and directed its regulatory collaboration with cities as Global Head of Civic Partnerships.
Nafis Jamal
Co-founder & CTO
MoPub (acq. Twitter)
Nafis is the Co-founder of MoPub, joining Twitter as Director of Engineering following their acquisition. Prior to MoPub, Nafis was an advertiser-facing Product Manager at AdMob and a PhD dropout from Stanford.
Natalie Gibraltar
VP of Product
Natalie was the first Product Manager at Squarespace and today leads the team as VP of Product. Before this, she founded and ran a non-profit in the Middle East focused on cross cultural communication, and was a very early employee at KIND snacks, working on their social mission, field marketing organization and partnerships.
Neha Komma
Product Management
An industry product leader, Neha is currently at Robinhood. Previously, she led Growth at Coinbase, built with product teams at Airbnb and Facebook, and co-founded her own company, Lushbox, a personalized subscription service.
Nick Caldwell
VP of Engineering
Nick is currently VP of Engineering at Twitter, leading engineering for all consumer-facing Twitter products and board member for /dev/color. Prior to Twitter, he was the Chief Product Officer at Looker, VP of Engineering at Reddit and General Manager at Microsoft.
Nitesh Banta
Co-founder & CEO
Nitesh is Co-founder & CEO at B12, a company that uses AI and experts to help businesses grow online. Prior to B12, Nitesh was an investor at General Catalyst where he co-founded Rough Draft Ventures and he was on the founding team of Getaround.
Okalo Ikhena
Director of Product Management
Sidewalk Labs
With a passion for improving quality of life in cities, Okalo is a Director of Product Management at Sidewalk Labs. Before Sidewalk, he spent his product management career building new businesses at Microsoft and Google, launching products at Bing, Google Store, YouTube TV and Area 120.
Oliver Roup
VP of Product
VP of Product at Instacart. Formerly Founder and CEO of VigLink, a Director of Product at Microsoft and has worked for Founders Fund, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and the BBC.
Porter Braswell
Co-founder & CEO
Porter is the Co-founder and CEO of Jopwell, the leading technology platform that helps Black, Latinx, and Native American students and professionals unlock opportunities for career advancement. Prior to Jopwell, he and his co-founder Ryan Williams met while at Goldman Sachs.
Rahul Vohra
Founder & CEO
Rahul is the founder and CEO of Superhuman, the fastest email experience in the world.  Previously, he founded Rapportive, which was acquired by LinkedIn.  Rahul actively angel invests; notable investments include Clearbit and EasyPost.
Ritu Narayan
Founder and CEO
Ritu Narayan is Founder and CEO of Zūm, an award-winning platform revolutionizing kids transportation. A former product executive at eBay, Yahoo!, and Oracle, Ritu is an undergraduate in computer engineering and graduate from Stanford Business School.
Rohini Pandhi
A long time product expert, Rohini currently leads a product team at Square. Prior to this, she worked as a Product Manager with teams PubNub, Rackspace, and Nodeable Inc. (acq. Appcelerator). A founder herself, Rohini is the Co-founder of Transparent Collective, a non-profit helping underrepresented founders access growth resources and connections.
Scott Gorlick
Building something new
An operator and founder, Scott is building something new. Before starting his own entrepreneurial journey, Scott joined Uber in 2012 as an early member of the Ops team. During nearly 6 years at the company, Scott built Uber in Atlanta and helped scale the company's operations globally.
Sebastian Gil
Former Engineering Manager
Currently angel investing and advising early stage companies, Sebastian was previously the 4th employee at Snap. He helped build many of the early features on the engineering side, including Stories, Chat and Discover, and then went on to start and run the Growth Engineering team.
Sheila Tran
Head of Communications
A marketing and communications leader, Sheila is currently head of communications at Opendoor. She also co-leads marcomm at All Raise, a non-profit focused on accelerating the success of female founders and funders. Previously, she was head of global communications at Yahoo and Polyvore.
Shiyan Koh
Managing Partner
Hustle Fund
An investor and operator, Shiyan is the Managing Partner at Hustle Fund investing in pre-seed software startups in the US, Canada and Southeast Asia. Before that, she spent nearly 6 years wearing many hats, the latest of which was VP of Business Operations and Corporate Development. During her tenure at NerdWallet, she built products, ran online contests, wrote blog posts, hired executives and played lots of rec basketball.
Sriram Krishnan
SVP of Product, Partnerships and Marketing
Sriram is the SVP of Product, Partnerships and Marketing at HeadSpin. Before that, he led international growth for Tinder, joining after the company acquired Humin where he built as VP of Business. Prior to Humin, he was the Head of New Markets at Spotify. An entrepreneur himself, Sriram is the Co-founder and COO of Cosmify (acq. by Meltwater).
Sriram Krishnan
Investor and Advisor
Sriram Krishnan is currently advising and investing in early-stage companies. He previously lead product teams at Twitter, Snap and Facebook including helping create Facebook's Audience Network and mobile ad business. He's an active startup investor/adviser and writes at @sriramk and
Stacy La
Product and Design
Vital Strategies
Stacy leads Product & Design on the Prevent Epidemics team at Vital Strategies. She was previously the Director of Design at Clover Health, where she started as the first designer and early employee. Stacy was a Design Lead at Yammer (acq. by Microsoft) and has designed for a range of startups and Fortune 500 companies including Facebook, Google, and Intuit.
Sunita Mohanty
Product Manager
A builder and enthusiast for tech that helps people live well, Sunita leads product teams as a part of Facebook's New Product Experimentation group. She has built products for startups, nonprofits and global public companies, most recently leading product teams at Oculus, Facebook Core Growth and as Director of Product at Lumosity.
Tess Rinearson
VP of Engineering
Tess Rinearson is the VP of Engineering at Interchain, developing infrastructure for the Tendermint and Cosmos ecosystem. Previously, she was VP of Engineering at Interstellar, a systems engineer at Chain working on storage and protocol problems for permissioned blockchains and, before then, a software engineer at Medium.

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